Boost cognitive productivity

Certify yourself individually, or certify your business teams, in Attention, Information and Agility skills in less than 4 weeks, training 30 minutes a day.

Are you up for the challenge?


CPS, the revolutionary KPI

At Novuskills we have created an innovative world-class KPI: The Cognitive Productivity Score (CPS).

The CPS combines two essential factors of productivity: time and performance. This KPI measures how your brain forms and reinforces skills in response to new learning experiences. This unique way of capturing the structural remodeling of your brain during training shows your progress on the cognitive productivity scale.

Empower your skills and boost your cognitive productivity to excel in this disruptive world.



Achieve more with less. Mastering cognitive skills reduces the risk of making costly mistakes in work situations.


Gain confidence. Immediate feedback from gamified tracks connects and motivates in a positive way.


Reshape your brain. Form, and strengthen lifelong synaptic connections in response to new learning experiences.


Embrace diversity and promote equality. Our training is available anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

Master 8 Top 10 skills by 2025

"40% of employees will need reskilling over the next 6 months in agile companies"

- World Economic Forum


Open your training space and discover something new

Train with our tracks and receive immediate feedback on 3 fundamental skills. Each track has a self-guided sequence of 125 job-related microtask exercises.


Attention Track

In this track you will be able to enhance your attention and engage thoughtfully with information despite multiple interruptions or distractions to avoid mistakes.

Skills included


The ability to focus your attention on a single task for an extended period of time.


The ability to focus attention on a single task and avoid being distracted by others.


The ability to divide your attention among the tasks you perform at the same time.

Information Track

In this track you will be able to train your brain to think and use more efficiently the information that is presented to you through different media.

Skills included


The ability to discard fake news and efficiently find useful information in a world where knowledge is no longer linear.


The ability to discern, absorb, and process new information and integrate it with what you already know.


The ability to efficiently store, recall and access information in your memory.

Agility Track

In this track you will be able to train your brain to be more agile in a disruptive world and to apply learning to new situations and problems despite unpredictable events.

Skills included


The ability to accurately identify details and interpret their differences faster.


The ability to generate a conclusion from different statements.


The ability to interpret complex concepts and integrate them into new contexts.

Numeric Track

Train the skills to be competitive in the world of numbers.


Coming soon

Mindfulness Track

Train skills to be more competitive in high-stress situations.


Coming soon

Obtain clear evidence of cognitive productivity


79 USD

per track

Training Track

  • Certification of 3 skills
  • Maximum duration of 4 weeks
  • PlayfulTraining Space
  • Skills Analysis
  • Novusapiens Community

Analysis Tools

  • Multiple Intelligences Analysis (+10 USD)
  • Personality Analysis (+10 USD)

Analysis Tools are not included in this plan. Each one has a cost of 10 USD.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Novuskills training.

What is a Track?

A track is a self-guided sequence of work-related microtasks. Each provides immediate feedback to train 3 fundamental skills of a specific cognitive area.

How do I complete a track?

To complete a track you must complete 125 exercises of the different microtasks in a maximum of 4 weeks. The time limit starts to run when the first training session is completed.

What if I don't have enough time or want to do more exercises?

You can purchase an extension of the track only in the next 2 weeks after its expiration. This will give you 25 additional exercises to be completed in a maximum of 7 days.

Can I train with several Tracks simultaneously?

Yes, keep in mind that the time limit of 4 weeks per track, in this case, runs simultaneously.

Can I pause a Track?

No. Once the time limit has started, it cannot be paused.

How many skills does a Track include?

All tracks cover 3 skills of a specific cognitive area.

How is the CPS calculated?

The Cognitive Productivity Score (CPS) is a KPI based on a proprietary algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate performance according to the specific design of each microtask, and time compared to the average Novusapien (user).

Why is the CPS important?

The value of the CPS will accumulate on the cognitive productivity scale to establish the level at which you will be certified.

Does the certificate expire?

No. However, the certificates record the date of first issue and the date of their last update, confirming whether you continue to have a good level of cognitive productivity or if you need reskilling.

What is a Novusapiens?

It is a person who is part of the Novuskills community, taking the step in the evolutionary line from Homo sapiens to Novusapiens by starting his training.